The NBA Central Division is currently home to the Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Central was home to Michael Jordan’s decade or so of dominance, as his Chicago Bulls won 6 championships. More recently, this now Lebron James’ house. The Pistons have also had their share of success. They enjoyed back-to-back NBA championships with their “Bad Boys” teams knocking around the more popular Bulls, Celtics and Lakers in the 80. [+]

Then they rebuilt around the late 90s and turn of the century to win another championship and field quality teams, year-after-year. 

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Best NBA Central Betting Tips

There’s also a lot of potential to bet, with every team playing 82 regular season games. Betting the over-under can also be a lot of fun, with a high paced scoring average being the norm in the NBA. It’s not unusual for both teams to score over 100 points in a good NBA game. 

League wide, your better teams in the NBA will win around 75-80% of their regular season games, and the same percentage (or slightly higher) of their home games. But, the worst teams in the NBA will still win a dozen or so games every year, which makes them great for big payouts when you pick the underdog. 

If you’re looking to place bets on Central Division teams, the Cavs are going to be good as long as James is wearing their jersey. The rest of the conference is a bit more unpredictable. An injury ravaged Bulls team had their dynasty taken away before it even started, with injuries to Derrick Rose. Elsewhere, the Bucks really never do much more than flirt with mediocrity.

But the Pacers and Pistons look to be starting to build momentum. Always keep in mind the home court advantage is a very real thing in the NBA, especially for the upper tier teams. The top level teams may only lose 4 or 5 home games out of 42 every year.