As the only Canadian team in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors can be an enigmatic team especially towards American bettors. They have historically been good underdogs or against the point spread but have been finding consistent success as of late. They are a young franchise but already have a rich history with superstars like Vince Carter, Chris Bosh and Kyle Lowry leading them to multiple playoff berths.

Toronto Raptors Odds Today

This is what is next for the Toronto Raptors with info on their opponent and what the betting lines are. Check reports on any last minute changes to the roster before placing a bet.

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Toronto Raptors Schedule

The Toronto Raptors’ complete schedule is listed below with the results and betting odds. Be sure to look out for trends like winning streaks and losing streaks on top of how successful the Raptors are in relation to their betting line.

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Toronto Raptors Standings

This is how the Toronto Raptors stack up with the rest of the league. Other stats like points for (+) and points against (-) are listed along with their conference and division records and winning streak. It’s good to analyze how well the Raptors do within their division as they play them the most.

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Toronto Raptors Betting

With most of their games being blacked out in the US, it’s no wonder not many are familiar with the Toronto Raptors south of the border. They have a history of winning against the spread but things may be changing because they have been making the playoffs in consecutive years and have just broken franchise records.

When it comes to betting on the Raptors, it’s important to see their record against their division because the Atlantic has been very beatable as of late. The Raptors have won the division a few times now and at the start of each season a prop future bet on them to win the division could be sharp. A future bet is predicting an outcome of a sport such as winning a division, an NBA title or making the playoffs.

Betting the spread yields less in return than a straight bet. But it allows more room for error. If betting the Raptors at -3.5, they have to win by more than 3 points or you lose the bet. On the flipside, if the Raptors are +3.5, they are allowed to lose by up to 3 points. A teaser bet can also adjust these numbers to lower or higher values depending how the bettor likes it.

When betting the Raptors in the spread, check their record for it for the season. Even if historically they beat the spread, there are many variables that may affect their performance like a recent cold or hot streak. As the Raptors continue to find success backed with a strong core and responsible front office, they will continue to be a popular bet.