The Philadelphia 76ers otherwise known as the “Sixers” are one of the NBA’s original teams dating back to 1946. They are a premiere franchise with three titles and legendary players including Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving and Allen Iverson. They are used to success but are currently undergoing a rebuilding phase. The Sixers are consistently underdogs and despite their record will pull off the occasional upset even against a much better team.

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The next game of the Philadelphia 76ers is listed here, along with their opponent and their betting lines. The game result will also be posted so check back to get an update.

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Philadelphia 76ers Schedule

Below is the Philadelphia 76ers overall schedule including their results from both their home and away games. Look out for trends and developments when betting on the Sixers or their opponents.

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Philadelphia 76ers Standings

Here are the updated NBA standings for all teams. In addition to wins and losses, their points for (+) and points against are listed. Like with the schedule, you can make smarter betting decisions depending on the trends you notice here.

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Philadelphia 76ers Betting

Teams like the 76ers who are stuck in a rebuilding process usually lose and are thus mostly underdogs. They may not win many games but when they do it is usually considered an upset. For betting, rebuilding teams can be good underdog bets.

As a moneyline bet, they will be lined with “+” meaning you get an additional return on your investment. If the team is +450, you will get $450 return on a $100 bet. But on the rare chance they are a favourite, they will have a “-“ and you will have to bet more. For instance, a -300 team requires for you to bet $300 to win $100.

Before betting, make sure to check the most up-to-date roster alerts on any team (or their opponent) to see if there are any injuries or missing players that can totally alter the game’s result. Odds tend to be changed to reflect if a key player will be unavailable for the game. Consistently checking these reports and making bets on them is what separates consistently successful gamblers from the rest.

The 76ers are a long way away from their dynasty days where they were making NBA Finals or winning titles. They haven’t even had a superstar player since Allen Iverson departed the team over a decade ago but what they have are a nice collection of players who could be future NBA stars. As such, the team is consistently growing and changing and are capable of unexpected wins. The 76ers are a good team to keep an eye out for as they continue their slow rise back to contention.