Formerly of New Jersey, the Brooklyn Nets returned to the city of New York in 2012 for the first time since they were known as the “New York Nets” in 1977. They have historically struggled to make the playoffs but has found recent success since acquiring superstar point guard, Jason Kidd. They have again started to struggle however and appear to be entering another rebuild and it is reflected in their underdog status in most betting cases.

Brooklyn Nets Odds Today

This is what is next for the Brooklyn Nets along with their opponent and the type of betting line to expect. Confirm the odds with your betting site before making a bet.

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Brooklyn Nets Schedule

This is the schedule for the Brooklyn Nets this season. We also update the games by wins or losses while leaving the odds for reference. Notice trends such as home and away performances to get an edge in betting.

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Brooklyn Nets Standings

Here is a look on how the Nets stack up with the rest of the NBA. The standings are divided by conference and division to see how the Nets match up against their rivals. As the season progresses more developments start to become apparent.

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Brooklyn Nets Betting

Predicting winners to any game is a difficult thing. Even when faced with a massive underdog, there are always chances for them to pull off the upset. The key is to relate the odds on a team with how effective they actually are on the court, which is no small feat. The Nets are more than likely an underdog in most cases and placing any wager on them will return more money. But betting on them now is a hard sell.

The team made bold moves in the last few years and acquired stars like Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce but the results were mixed as they only made it out of the first round of the playoffs once and their win total in each season consistently went down. Betting on them outside of an underdog price at plus odds is not advisable but betting against them could be a hot option especially if they are away on the road where they perform very poorly.

It isn’t entirely clear what the Nets are planning to do with their roster or what their outlook is. They have a few decent prospects but the majority of the team is very expendable and if the front office chooses to blow everything up and restart from scratch that is entirely possible.

Keeping updated on the roster moves the Nets make will be key to figuring them out as a team moving forward. For now, the Nets remain a subpar team and are fortunate to be located in New York City where their popularity will continue to be strong despite their records.