As one of the NBA’s most historic franchises, the Boston Celtics have sustained a winning culture throughout the years. They were once an unbeatable dynasty with superstars like Bill Russell, Larry Bird and John Havlicek. Their rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers is unparalleled and both teams remain popular even on the betting side. The Celtics don’t have a dynasty anymore but still have a solid team that gets underrated on occasion and playing them as an underdog can be a sly bet.

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Posted here is information about the Boston Celtics’ next game along with their opponent and betting lines. Check back as we update the scores.

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Boston Celtics Schedule

Below is the complete schedule for the Boston Celtics. The schedule is updated as the games are played to give you up-to-date information including the betting odds. Trends such as the Celtics’ home and away trends are important to keep track of. 

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Boston Celtics Standings

You can keep track on how the Boston Celtics progress with the overall standings here. Throughout the season some trends will develop concerning NBA teams. Check frequently along with the schedule to get important info before placing bets.

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Boston Celtics Betting

Proper research is always required before making bets but also as important is figuring out the type of bet to make. If you don’t find betting on the Celtics straight to win is valuable, try other prop bets like the total points of the game or a teaser by adjusting how many points to spot the Celtics on the point spread (betting them to lose by up to a certain amount).

The Celtics have historically been a strong home team both with their actual record and from a betting perspective. But they are weak on the road. Pay close attention to different trends that emerge when the Celtics play at home or on the road to determine the types of bets to make.

Throughout their history, the Celtics have endured long stretches as both a dynasty and a bottom-feeder. In recent years they’ve been competitive and they don’t have the same superstars they used to but consistently find ways to win using defense and strong team play. The coaching staff and front office have been a huge help in molding a Celtics team that is better than the sum of its parts.

As a middle-of-the-pack kind of team, the Celtics can be tricky to bet at times. They are capable of beating championship contenders at the same time can lose to weak and rebuilding teams. Again it all comes down to whether they play at home or on the road. When in the safe confines of the TD Garden, the Celtics are incredibly hard to beat.