The NBA’s Atlantic division is currently home to the Boston Celtics, the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Knicks, the Philadelphia 76ers, and Canada’s own Toronto Raptors. The division is steeped in NBA history and has been home to some of the great dynasties. The Boston Celtics are one of sport's all-time great empires. They have won titles in every decade since the NBA first tipped off. The Celtics have won the most Atlantic Division titles with over 20. The next closest team is the 76ers, with 5 wins. [+]

They have been lottery bound for some time now, with no prospects of adding to their total. But the Raptors are really starting to make some noise. Most Canadian basketball fans only care that the Atlantic is the home of “The 6,” the Toronto Raptors, and the We the North movement. With the Sixers and Knicks being constantly pretty terrible over recent years, the Raptors have established themselves as a real presence in the division.  The Celtics took a few years off from relevance to rebuild, and now their young talent is coming into its own and is poised to start making some waves.

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Best NBA Atlantic Betting Tips

As a whole, the best teams in the NBA will win around 75-80% of their regular season games, and the same percentage (or slightly higher) of their home games. But you have to remember that the worst teams in the NBA will still find a way to win a dozen or so games every year.

This makes them great for single-game upset pay days. There’s also a lot of potential to bet, with every team playing 82 regular season games. Betting the NBA’s over-under can also be a lot of fun, with a high paced scoring average every night. It’s not unusual for both teams to score over 100 points in a good NBA game.

As for betting within the Atlantic, you’re likely going to see really polar results between the upper and lower ranked teams. The Celtics and the Raptors are legit teams and will post winning seasons. This wasn’t always the case, as this was called the “Titanic division” a few short years ago because of its terrible teams. Again, these bad teams will still win double digit games each year, so they are going to beat somebody. Can you predict who?