NBA Eastern Standings

Here’s your updated and complete NBA Eastern standings. See who’s on top and who’s struggling.


Best NBA Eastern Conference Betting Tips

The NBA’s Eastern conference was the subject of a bit of a power imbalance for the last decade or so. While teams like the Heat, Pistons and Celtics would win championships, the rest of the conference was considered far weaker than the very deep West. 

For a while, fans out west would be frustrated, as their team would have to win 45-50 games to simply make it into the playoffs as an 8 seed. Whereas that record would get you home court advantage in the first round out East. Now, however, things have changed and a deep pool of young talent has found its stride and created a very good and deep East.

In terms of betting, most Canadian fans will follow the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are finally a formidable team in the east, and you can have great success betting on them.

As a whole, your better teams in the NBA will win around 75-80% of their regular season games, and the same percentage (or slightly higher) of their home games. But that being said, even the worst teams in the NBA will win a dozen or so games every year, which makes them great for single-game upset pay days. 

Betting the over-under can also be a lot of fun, with a high paced scoring average being the norm in the NBA. It’s not unusual for both teams to score over 100 points in a good NBA game. There’s also a lot of potential to bet, with every team playing 82 regular season games.