Defined by high-flying dunks, deep three pointers and buzzer beating shots the National Basket Association is an octane filled joyride for both fans and bettors. NBA betting odds take the excitement up a level with plenty of options everyday through the season. Check this page for links to the best pages on the web for NBA wagering. With some useful tips below, we will help took those air ball wagers into slam dunk picks. There is something about a Steph Curry three pointer that gets the crowd on their feet and excited. Betting on the National Basketball Association should get you excited like a Steph Curry three point.

NBA Odds Today

From late October to June the NBA season and playoffs is long and full of action. Check down here for NBA betting odds today, with links to the top sites to wager on the league. 

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NBA Standings

Staying on top of the standings and statistics is important to be a successor bettor. We have you covered with up-to-date stats and standings just below here. 


Best NBA Betting Tips

The premier place to watch professional basket in the world, the NBA offers bettors a great selection of money lines over its lengthy 82 game season. As the NBA began operation in 1946, the league has seen a huge raise in the sport’s popularity both on a regional and international basis. The NBA is full of talented players from all over the world, especially from Canada.  With the influx of Canadian ballers and improvement of the Toronto Raptors – betting on basketball in Canada has gained steam over the years and is now one of the top sports to wager on. Bettors looking for tips to improve their game, we have some for you below.

Spreads are the most common wagering option found on sportsbook sites when betting on the NBA. Spread line reflect quality of teams, location of the game and roster. Spreads will move depending on game scratches, teams playing on consecutive nights and during tight playoff races. Checking the schedule, standings and key game matchups on the norm will help you pinpoint the best spreads of the night.  

Over/under betting is also quite a popular option to choose. NBA games have the highest total game score with the largest variance between totals. On the same night bettors may see two defensively hardy teams play to a score of 87-83 and then see two offensive juggernauts shoot the roof off the building en route to a 119-112 final. The first game has a score total of 170 and the second has a total of 231. That is a different of 61 points! Over/under betting adds more excitement to betting on the NBA, but make sure to know the teams playing, check the starting 5 and determine the importance of the game – as later on in the season teams rest their star players in preparation for the playoffs and underperform.