Basketball Betting Odds

From a peach basket with its bottom cut out to a Michael Jordan dunking from the free throw line, Basketball has evolved into one of the world’s most popular sports. As the game evolved so have basketball betting odds, giving bettors plenty of opportunity to wager on the National Basketball Association, NCAA Basketball and the Basket World Cup. As basketball offers tons of contents, bettors can be assured to find lots of great betting lines right here.

Basketball Odds Today

Thirty NBA teams, countless college rivalries and a summer filled with fiery international competition, it can be easy to lose track of all the lines and prices. Just below here we have you covered with all of basketball’s betting odds today. 

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 11 March
FT Sacramento Kings 115 - 121 Washington Wizards +115 -130
FT Toronto Raptors 101 - 126 Cleveland Cavaliers -417 +355
FT Detroit Pistons 75 - 103 Brooklyn Nets +118 -132
FT Charlotte Hornets 106 - 118 Houston Rockets +430 -435
FT Thunder 98 - 89 Utah Jazz +145 -156
FT Boston Celtics 115 - 140 L.A. Clippers -120 +110
Tuesday 12 March
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Philadelphia 76ers +950 -1250
New York Knicks 19:00 Indiana Pacers +600 -833
San Antonio Spurs 20:00 Dallas Mavericks -200 +197
L.A. Lakers 20:00 Chicago Bulls -115 +105
Milwaukee Bucks 20:00 Pelicans -455 +385
Wolves 22:30 Denver Nuggets +490 -500
Blazers 22:30 L.A. Clippers -127 +115
Wednesday 13 March
Orlando Magic 19:00 Washington Wizards
Brooklyn Nets 19:00 Thunder
Detroit Pistons 19:30 Miami Heat
Memphis Grizzlies 19:30 Atlanta Hawks
Warriors 21:30 Houston Rockets
Utah Jazz 22:00 Phoenix Suns
Thursday 14 March
Thunder 19:00 Indiana Pacers
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Orlando Magic
Sacramento Kings 19:30 Boston Celtics
L.A. Lakers 20:00 Toronto Raptors
Wolves 21:00 Utah Jazz
Dallas Mavericks 22:30 Denver Nuggets
Friday 15 March
L.A. Lakers 19:00 Detroit Pistons
Sacramento Kings 19:00 Philadelphia 76ers
Charlotte Hornets 19:00 Washington Wizards
Milwaukee Bucks 20:00 Miami Heat
Phoenix Suns 20:00 Houston Rockets
Blazers 20:00 Pelicans
New York Knicks 20:30 San Antonio Spurs
Chicago Bulls 22:30 L.A. Clippers
Saturday 16 March
Atlanta Hawks 12:30 Boston Celtics
Memphis Grizzlies 19:00 Washington Wizards
Phoenix Suns 19:00 Pelicans
Warriors 20:30 Thunder
Cleveland Cavaliers 20:30 Dallas Mavericks
Blazers 20:30 San Antonio Spurs
Brooklyn Nets 21:00 Utah Jazz
Indiana Pacers 21:00 Denver Nuggets
Sunday 17 March
L.A. Lakers 12:00 New York Knicks
Charlotte Hornets 13:00 Miami Heat
Philadelphia 76ers 15:30 Milwaukee Bucks
Toronto Raptors 16:00 Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls 18:00 Sacramento Kings
Atlanta Hawks 18:00 Orlando Magic
Wolves 21:00 Houston Rockets
Brooklyn Nets 21:00 L.A. Clippers

Best Basketball Betting sites

The sound of a basketball getting nothing but net is almost as sweet as the sound of some extra bills rubbing together in your pocket.  Listed below are the best basketball betting sites, each with bonuses for signing up and special offers for returning bettors. 

Best Basketball Betting Tips

Every year basketball is filled with memorable events, historic games and dominating performances. Most of these events can be found within the NBA, NCAA basketball and its annual March Madness tournament and Basket’s World Cup. Canadians will be happy to find the best betting action for all of these leagues and events right on this site.

Canadian content in the world of basket is at an all-time high, but it definitely has yet to peak. The NBA is filled with Canadian talent – and a Canadian was the first overall player drafted in the NBA in 2013 and 2014. As the top Canadians in the world continue to fill up NCAA rosters, Canada’s future in FIBA and the Basket World Cup is bright. Canada’s sole NBA franchise – sorry Vancouver – has seen a growth in success and popularity over the years and now the Raptors are synonymous with Toronto’s sport culture.

The world of basketball has a great history often highlighted by what teams dominated during a specific era of time. These programs, teams and countries have shaped the landscape of the basketball world since it began to grow in popularity in the 1950s. The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics of the early days of the NBA winning nearly every championship. The San Antonio Spurs becoming the model franchise for the modern day sports. The historic dominance of UCLA in the 1980s. The consistency of North Carolina and Duke in the NCAA. The dream team the United States of America assembles every year. Knowledge of the sport and its history is both interesting and important for bettors to find success.