With the regular season over, the Boys of Summer make way for the Men of Autumn has Major League Baseball heads into its postseason. Starting with a pair of wild card games the postseason only intensifies with the four division series, the two league championship series and ultimately concluding with the World Series. With all that baseball still to played there are plenty of betting lines available. Each at bat, each pitch, each decision of the manager is scrutinized adding to the intensity to see who will be baseball’s best. [+]

Whether it’s another win for the New York Yankees or further recent dominance from teams like the Boston Red Sox or San Francisco Giants, it’s a time foe the game’s best to step into the spotlight and shine.

MLB Postseason Odds Today

With one game playoffs, best-of-five and best-of seven series the MLB postseason offers a lot of the best baseball in a short amount of time. We help you keep track of the betting lines by providing all the top MLB Postseason betting lines for all the action every afternoon or night with links to our top recommended bookmakers below.

Best MLB Postseason Betting sites

Major League Baseball has expanded the Postseason over the years adding more drama, excitement and tension to one of the best events of the sporting year. While teams like the Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals have made repeated trips to the Postseason under these new rules, the expanded formats have allowed for teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals to reinvigorate traditional markets and fan bases.  

Best MLB Postseason Betting Tips

None of the ten teams that qualify for the Postseason considers it job done. Whether it’s timely hitting, dominant pitching, incredible defence or a combination of all three only one team will get to say it’s World Series Champion. 

No Matter if it’s a favourite or an underdog, when it seems like one team is well on their way to advancing, there too many cases of teams coming back to win including some winning three in a row to come all the way back and take the series. 

With the MLB Postseason there are many factors to take into account. Home-field advantage, pitching match ups, recent historical game data and of course the weather are all key elements in a bettors decision. Bettors also have the choice on various sites of picking individual games, a whole series or filing out a complete postseason bracket.. 

As the competition gets smaller with each round bettors can expect the action to only get bigger with additional prop bets to be made available with each passing round.

No matter what the bettor’s choice for action there’s an option to keep the excitement going even if your favourite team has struck out.