Last year, The Washington Nationals’ betting odds had them in contention for a Wild Card spot. In 2015, they went 83–79 (.512) and placed second place in National League East. Experts have them just about smack dab in the same place this year. Bryce Harper is the man and the franchise. Last year he hit .330, with 42 home runs and earned 124 walks. Since morphing from the Montreal Expos, the Nationals have yet to make big waves in the playoffs. [+]

They have yet to win the National league and they have a few division titles under their belts. As the Expos, they were never much more of a curiosity, with only one East Division title in 1981. They also failed to reach .500 every year for the first decade of existence  They were, however, the home for Hall of Famers such as Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martínez, Tony Pérez.

Washington Nationals Odds Today

Let’s take a look at the Washington Nationals’ odds today, for people looking to place a bet on today’s action, with the sharpest line in the business. The Nationals play their home games at Nationals Park, and their games will air on television from the Eastern Time Zone.

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Here’s a glance at the Washington Nationals’ schedule, including all their home and away games. 

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Washington Nationals Betting

If you bet on the NBA and the NFL, you’re used to good teams beating the cellar-dwelling teams most of the time. The top teams win up to 80 percent of their games throughout the season or may even go as high as 90 percent, and they’re often nearly unbeatable at home.  

But, in baseball, a bad team will still win 30 percent or 40 percent of their games. Whereas a division leader will win 65-70%, So if a last place team is playing a league leader in a 3 game series, the favorites may lose a game, without it being a big deal or a massive upset.

If you’re betting on the Nationals, you should know their lineup will feature, Michael Taylor, Anthony Rendonm, Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman, Daniel Murphy, Jayson Werth, Wilson Ramos, Danny Espinosa, Max Scherzer and Matt den Dekker.

Pitching wise, they’re looking for big things from Lucas Giolito, one of the game’s most in-demand pitching prospects. His youth and energy is a welcome addition to a pitching staff that includes aging arms, like Jayson Werth (36) and Ryan Zimmerman (31).