Major League Baseball’s NL Central is made up of the Chicago Cubs, the Cincinnati Reds, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the St. Louis Cardinals. The division has belong to the Cardinals for the last couple of years, and the Cards have won the most division titles overall, since the Central was created in 1994. Each team has won the division at least once, with the exception of the Pirates. They have, however, three wild card wins and a number of division titles, dating back to their days in the East Division. [+]

The Central Division was founded in the mid 90s, so it doesn’t have the deep history that many others do. As a result, it has only produced the one World Series winner in the Cardinals (in 2006). 

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Best NL Central Division Betting Tips

The MLB season is long and glorious for bettors in Canada. It’s over 160 games long, which gives you nightly chances to lay a bet and pick your winners. That many games means the Cubs will play as many games as the Bulls and Blackhawks combined in their regular season. It’s enough to keep you happy, all summer long. 

If you’re betting on the NL Central, remember the best team isn’t that statistically superior to the last place team, from a winning percentage perspective.  A division leader wins 60-70% of their games. At the other end, a last place team wins around 30-40% of their games. That means, if the first place team is going to play a 4-games series with the last place team, the odds are good the lower ranked team will win at least one game in that series. 

Bettors also want to look at pitching match-ups when betting on the outcome of a game, or the over-under score. Million dollar offence is great at selling tickets and grabbing headlines. But pitching still wins championships in the MLB. Betting on a hot pitcher is a better idea than betting on a hot team.

It’s also good to know that home field advantage isn’t a very big factor in baseball, in any division. Major league baseball’s home teams win a little bit more than 50% of their games. Even the best teams don’t often win over 60% of their home games, compared to other sports where the top home teams are closer to 80-90%. So betting on the home team in the NL Central is never a lock.