Let’s take a look at your LA Angels Betting Odds for the year. Last year they did fairly well, but fell tantalizingly close to a playoffs spot, losing out in the last week of the season. Any team that has Mike Trout is a threat to win every game and have a strong season. He seems to be a lock to put of MVP-caliber numbers for years to come. However, it’s the core they have built around Trout that is suspect to say the least. They were third in their division last year, and the top teams in the American League West haven’t gotten worse… [+]

So the Angles will have to work very hard to get to the postseason, or even play .500 baseball for that matter.

Los Angeles Angels Odds Today

Let’s take a look at the Los Angeles Angels odds today, for people looking to place a bet on today’s action, with the sharpest line in the business. The Angels play their home games at Angel Stadium, and their games will air on television from the Pacific Time Zone.

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Here’s a glance at the Los Angeles Angels schedule, including all their home and away games. 

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Los Angeles Angels Betting

When betting on baseball, remember that the distribution of talent is actually pretty even across the league. The best team in a division isn’t that much more talented than bad teams.

A bad team will still win 1 in 3, or 1 in 4 of their games. So if a lowly team in last place is playing the talented powerhouse in a 3 game series, the favorites may lose a game– even at home. You don’t see this as often in the NBA or NFL, as the league leaders routinely handle the cellar-dwelling teams, and it’s a bigger upset when this doesn’t happen.  

When betting on the Los Angeles Angels, you’re basically betting on the bat of Mike Trout. He’s good enough to win the LA Angels any single baseball game, but not good enough to carry an entire team to the post-season. Right now he seems to be destined to be that really amazing player you wish was on a better team.

This resonates even louder was the LA Dodgers are seeing such postseason success these days. It’s fitting that Magic Johnson owns a piece of the Dodgers, because right now they’re the Lakers, and the Angels are the Clippers. The Angels pitching is average at best, with no big summer acquisitions to push them into contention. Huston Street is a rock solid reliever, but they need a full season’s worth of work from him.