The Blue Jays are back, and have brought baseball fever back to Canada! After a painful 20 year absence from the joys of post-season relevance, the Jays electrified the nation last year with a second-half surge and an incredible playoff run. The eyes of an entire nation are now on the boys in Blue, and they’re poised to shine. There may be no more exciting team in baseball to get behind right now. The Jays’ lineup boasts a modern day murderer’s row, with prolific bashers Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and the American league’s defending MVP Josh Donaldson bringing the rain. 

Toronto Blue Jays Odds Today

Let's take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays odds today, and check the lines from the sharpest lines in sports betting. They play their home games at the Rogers Centre (which is still called Skydome to most locals) in the heart of downtown Toronto. Their home games are all played on EST. 

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Toronto Blue Jays Schedule

Let’s take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays’ schedule, including all their home and away games.

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Toronto Blue Jays Standings

We are your source for the Toronto Blue Jays Standings. Check back often to see how the Jays are doing against their inter-divisional foes and rivals. 


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Toronto Blue Jays Betting

For those of you interested in Toronto Blue Jays betting, you will be pleased to know the Jays are poised for another monster year. Their explosive offence means they will be a threat to win every single game they play. 

Their bats are the most explosive and feared in baseball. Even if pitchers survive the top end of a very scary lineup, they still have power and veteran hitting at nearly every other position. Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and the American league’s defending MVP Josh Donaldson are enough to give any American league pitcher nightmares. 

Defensively, the Jays are rock solid, with the often super-human Kevin PIllar in center field.  Pillar was announced as a finalist for the Gold Glove award in center field. He was also named the 2015 Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for center field.

As for pitching, the Jays lost their ace in David Price during the off-season. However, young Marcus Stroman is hungry to take over that spot as the franchise’s best pitcher, along with solid arms like RA Dickey and his knuckleball, as well as Marco Estrada. Roberto Osuna has already emerged as the team’s star closer, showing remarkable poise for his young age. 

When betting on baseball, it’s important to remember that the best team in a division isn’t actually much better than the last place team, most years. So, if the best team is playing a 3 game series with the worst team, it’s very likely the lower ranked team will win at least 1 of those games. So place your bets accordingly. Always take a good long look at the pitching matchup, the injuries, and trends.