The Tigers won the American League Central 3 years in a row, before faltering last year and falling way below the playoff line. They were fifth place in the AL Central and 22nd overall. But, after striking out during the season, they swung big over the summer and knocked it out of the park. They were very active in luring high-impact free agents to the city, and have added some much-needed upgrades and fire power. The main problem is that the Indians, the White Sox and the KC Royals all look like they will be difficult to leapfrog this year… [+]

Which is exactly what the Tigers need to do. While they have made the right moves, it’s unclear on whether it will payoff with a move back to the playoffs.

Detroit Tigers Odds Today

Let’s take a look at the Detroit Tigers odds today, for people looking to place a bet on today’s action, with the sharpest line in the business. The Tigers play their home games at Comerica Park, and their games will air on television from the Eastern Time Zone.

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Detroit Tigers Schedule

Here’s a glance at the Detroit Tigers schedule, including all their home and away games.

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Detroit Tigers Standings

We are your source for the Detroit Tigers standings. Check back often to see how they are doing against their inter-divisional foes and rivals. 

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Detroit Tigers Betting

Baseball betting’s first rule of thumb is to always remember upsets aren’t always longshots. When you’re thinking about betting on any baseball game, it’s important to know the best team in a division isn’t that much more talented than bad teams.

When you’re placing bets, know that if the #1 team in the division is playing a 3 game series with the #4 or #5 team, it’s very likely the cellar-dweller will win at least 1 of those games. This rarely happens in the NBA or NFL, and the lines reflect this. 

When betting on the Detroit Tigers, remember that the team is likely better than their current win-loss record. They play in a good division, so racking up a long win streak is very hard to do. 

The Tigers do now have Jordan Zimmermann, slugger Justin Upton and closer Francisco Rodriguez, so things are looking up. How far up? Top of the division, maybe? Not quite yet. They will need productive and healthy seasons from both Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez to bolster all the talent they added over the summer. 

The Tigers should contend for a wild card spot, but their days of winning the division seem to be over for the next few seasons.