The AL Central is currently the only division in baseball in which every single team as two or more World Series titles. It’s currently home to the Chicago White Sox, the Cleveland Indians, the Detroit Tigers, the KC Royals and the Minnesota Twins. The Central was founded in 1994, and was the amalgamation of a number of the American League’s West and East Divisions. The Royals have experienced great success recently, and they’re one of the most talented teams in the division, and favoured to win a lot of games. [+]

They experienced success before with a World Series win in 1985, but they were part of the West Division at the time.  

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Best AL Central Division Betting Tips

If you’re going to bet on the AL Central, the first thing you should know is home field often isn’t an advantage. In MLB, the home team typically wins a little bit more than 50% of the time. Even the top teams have underwhelming home records, compared to other sports. So a bet on the home team is far from a safe one. 

The Baseball season is a long grind, which is great for bettors. The baseball season is over 160 games long, not counting pre-season or playoffs. That’s as long as the basketball and hockey season combined. That means the Tigers will play as many games as the Pistons and the Red Wings combined. 

Statistically speaking, it’s also important to know that the first place team isn’t that much better than the last place team. A first place team in baseball will win 60-70% of their games at the most. Whereas the last place team will win anywhere from 30-40% of their games. The gap between the upper class and lower class is much wider in other sports. So betting on the “underdog” is a lot less of a gamble in baseball. 

Finally, remember that pitching match ups are often the biggest predictor in calling the outcome of a game, or the over-under. High powered hitters are good at putting runs on the board. But pitchers do a better job of keeping them off the board. Always make sure you start with the pitching match-up when betting on major league baseball, or the AL Central.