Canadians love the summer and no summer would be complete without Major League Baseball. Loaded with up to 15 games every day and night, baseball betting is rampant from April until October. Once the calendar turns over to October, Major League Baseball playoffs begins and the competition hits a high note. Our site has all the best MLB betting odds for the 2430 games played every MLB season – plus the dozens more in the playoffs. 

MLB Odds Today

When the season is 162 games played in 183 days, teams rarely have any time off. Right here you’ll find the best MLB betting odds today for every one of those 162 games. 

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MLB Standings

The MLB season is a living, breathing orgasm filled with hot streaks, cold spells and plenty of movement in the standings. Still current on the standings right here, updated after every game. 


Best MLB Betting Tips

The MLB season is 162 games long – which makes it more of a marathon than a sprint – and a thing of beauty to watch evolve every year. Betting on Major League Baseball makes the game even better and adds another element to the game. With betting, Canadians start becoming interested in more than just the Toronto Blue Jays and really start to appreciate baseball for its time honoured traditions, long-storied rivalries and deep history. For those looking for some help betting on baseball we have a few great tips below to take your betting game from the minor leagues all the way to being World Series calibre.

Starting pitching has the biggest impact on game odds and can sway a line in one teams favour with a simple late substitution. Odds for MLB games may not be set too far in advance if pitching rotation are not stable. Even when a team has strong pitching and a regular rotation, rain delays, trades and injuries can really upset the odds.

An interesting aspect of Major League wagering is over/under betting. MLB parks do not all have the same dimensions. Some parks are more pitcher friendly, with larger outfields making home runs sparser. Other parks have lower walls and smaller fields making home runs easy to come by and frequent. The biggest park for this is Coors Field in Colorado. Coors field is infamously known for being a home run haven, particularly due to the elevation and air tightness. Check where teams are playing as much as who is in their lineup to pick out the best over/under betting options.

Future prices on seasonal outcomes are popular in baseball. Some sites even offer season long player prop, such as over/under options on total home runs and who will win MVP.