From first pitch to the last out, baseball is a game of strategy, anticipation and immense detail. Baseball betting odds are quite similar. Betting on baseball can help make summer in Canada even better and with the great list of top rated sportsbooks compiled below, it is easy, convenient and filled with opportunity – as the Major League Baseball season is a staggering 162 games in length. Home runs, strikeouts, double plays and highlight reel catches. Baseball is a game of explosive excitement followed by comprehensive analysis. [+]

This makes baseball such great game to watch and wager on. Understanding how to wager on baseball is important and keeping track of stats and standings has an added benefit.

Baseball Odds Today

Located in the table underneath are baseball betting odds today with links to the best sites to bet on the beautiful game.   

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Best Baseball Betting sites

Betting on baseball is a great way to make the game more exciting. For bettors searching for more than just excitement, say a little extra money in their pocket, then below here you will find links to the best baseball betting sites. Make your summer baseball betting experience even better with great signup bonuses and special offers for returning bettors.

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    Best Baseball Betting Tips

    Baseball is best known for its long presence in North America, but has seen a rise in popularity in Japan, Korea and Australia. Japan and Korea have their own competitive professional leagues and even offer some wagering options – if nothing in the MLB strikes your fancy on that specific day. Now that baseball has so many options, it is important to understand how they work and how to pick out the best money lines.

    Maybe the most important aspect to keep research when betting on baseball is pitching matchups. A team’s ace versus their worst starter has a significant impact on money lines and over/under betting. Keep an eye on late scratches to pitchers to grab a good money line and toss down a few extra bucks on the over/under.

    Money lines are the most common betting option in baseball, but they are not the only way to wager. Baseball also offers a run line betting system. The run line is a combination of a money line and spread. Let’s say for example the Toronto Blue Jays are playing the Tampa Bay Rays. The Blue Jays are favourites at -195 and the Rays are underdogs at +180. The bettors picks the Jays to win, but will have to wager $195 to win $100.

    The bettor is confident in the Blue Jays and their potent offense to beat the Rays so they look to wager on a run line to increase their potential winnings. The run line is set at -1.5/+110 for the Blue Jays and +1.5/-120 for the Rays. Now the bettor can win $110 on a $100 wager as long as the Blue Jays win by two runs. If the bats fall flat and the Blue Jays can only muster a 3-2 victory, the bettor goes home empty handed.