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Best Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets

Best Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets
Super Bowl Futures wagers aren't always the best long-term investment prior to a NFL season beginning because a lot has to go right for your team(s) to have a shot. However, there are more efficient ways to have season-long Super Bowl bets and that's with various props. This piece looks at a few of those for Super Bowl 52 in early 2018.

If you’ve been following along with my 2017 NFL season previews and prop pieces, you’ll know that I teased a Super Bowl 52 props piece was coming in my last feature. That piece touched on a few of the leading contenders to get there from individual team perspectives, but this article will be a bit more broadly based as it will enable bigger margins for error on these six-month long wagers.

What I mean by that is that while that last article discussed individual teams (New England, Green Bay etc) to become Conference Champions and reach the Super Bowl, this piece deals with the Super Bowl itself and isn’t so team-centric. Now, obviously you can bet any one of the 32 NFL teams to win it all this year at better odds then the Super Bowl prop bets I’m about to suggest here, but those are so hard to hit (1 in 32 without getting into a discussion on real and implied odds). 

These Super Bowl 52 prop bets have a much better success rate in terms of likelihood of winning and there aren’t really any longshots to deal with. Yes, some of them are unlikely to hit, but when you are betting on which division will win SB 52, you have four teams from that division your fortunes are tied too, and you are only up against seven other divisions. Compare that to the idea that individual team bets to win it all are one team vs. 31 others, you’ve got a much bigger margin for error, and a stronger likelihood of cashing.

Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets #1

Division of Super Bowl Winner Will be:

Odds taken from Bet365.

AFC East (+350) Bet365

This is another way to back the Patriots to repeat as champions this year. I touched on the easy path to success New England should have barring injuries in 2017, and while this wager is more reliant on one specific team then some of the other divisions would be, should someone like Buffalo or Miami sneak into a Wildcard spot and make a run, a slip up by the Patriots wouldn’t be as damaging with all things considered. 

AFC North (+650) Sports Interaction

While the AFC East is the favorite in this prop at +350, all four NFC divisions follow before we reach the AFC North at +650. The AFC North is the division that features Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh and has routinely been the deepest division from top to bottom in the NFL for the past decade or so. These teams go to war against one another and while that can often be a detriment to making deep playoff runs, it can also sharpen up the skills of these teams (“iron sharpens iron”) for the playoffs and gives them the confidence to go all the way.

Specifically, Pittsburgh and Baltimore have the best shot in my opinion to go all the way, but the Bengals – who I am down on in 2017 – aren’t a bad third option.

Backing a deep division like this is exactly what I was referring too when discussing more margin for error earlier. Why sweat over a decision like taking one of these teams individually for a Super Bowl future in the +1200 to +5000 range (when it’s not hard to argue it’s a battle of attrition and almost a crap shot as to who will win the AFC North), when you can take all three of them at +650? 

Super Bowl 52 Prop Bets #2

Super Bowl 52 Point Spread AFC vs NFC

Odds Taken from Sports Interaction.

AFC -1.5 Sports Interaction

This is one of those futures prop bets that sportsbooks put out every year at the start of the season and bettors treat it as one of the more popular ones because depending on the eventual matchup they get, great hedging opportunities typically come up. This year is no different and I’ve got no problem riding with the AFC as slight favorites.

For one, we’ve got the favorite New England Patriots included in that wager and that’s always a plus. Should New England fall during the playoffs, the team that does beat them will have boatloads of confidence that they can beat whomever comes out of the NFC and that’s not a bad option either. Also, with this being Super Bowl 52 and the NFC leading the AFC 26-25 all time in Super Bowl victories, it would be rather fitting that the two conferences finish up with an even score 50 years after the AFC – then the AFL – won their first.

More importantly though is that idea I discussed above with all four NFC divisions being listed behind the AFC East as favorites before any other AFC division is mentioned.

That equality within the NFC is acutally a bad thing here as those teams could end up beating each other up throughout the playoff run, and the team that’s left standing won’t have anything left. That’s not exactly ideal with someone like New England, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Baltimore etc still waiting and it’s why I’m jumping on this AFC wager now.

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