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2017 NBA Finals Odds: Warriors vs Cavaliers Game 4

2017 NBA Finals Odds: Warriors vs Cavaliers Game 4
After two duds to start the 2017 NBA Finals, game three was everything fans wanted. Now the series takes its quickest turnaround with just one off day. Game four is do or die for the Cleveland Cavaliers, as they not only fight to stay alive in the series but also to avoid humiliation. Game four tips off in Cleveland on Friday, June 9 at 9:00 PM EST.

NBA Finals 2017 Game 4

NBA - Playoff
Monday 12 June
Cleveland Cavaliers
Golden State Warriors

Cavaliers @ Warriors

  Money Line  

Game three brought an entertainment factor not seen since game seven of the 2016 NBA Finals. Now, game four brings an element of drama – as the Cleveland Cavaliers must win each and every remaining game to repeat as NBA champions. 

History is on the side of the Golden State Warriors – as teams that go up 3-0 in the NBA Finals are 12-0 all-time. In fact, no team in NBA history has ever erased a 3-0 deficit in any round of the playoffs. Even if the chances of Cleveland coming back and winning the Finals are near zero, there are still plenty of reasons to watch and bet on game four. 

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Cleveland  +6.0 (-110)  +195  o228.5 (-110)
Golden State  -6.0 (-110)  -245  u228.5 (-110)

Once again, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the underdog at home. At -6, the line has nearly doubled from game three, as faith in the Cavaliers to get their act together is running thin. There has not been a sweep in the NBA Finals since 2007 – when the San Antonio Spurs swept LeBron James (in his first Finals appearance) and the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The moneyline has moved as well, but compared to game two – which saw the line open at -430 for Golden State – -245 is not a bad betting option. Lastly, the over/under is up two points to 228.5. The last two games have exceeded that total, and with Cleveland’s reluctance to change their style of play, it is no surprise to see the line increase. 

Warriors at Cavaliers Predictions

A spread of -6 for Golden State means two things. The odds makers are trying to get money bet on Cleveland as they expect the Cavaliers to have a complete meltdown in game four. Alternatively, it could mean that they are expecting a close match, where late fouls and free throws determine if Golden State covers or not. While the second option seems more plausible, looking back at 2014 NBA Finals does not rule out the first scenario.

In 2014, LeBron James and the Miami Heat lost game five ( to lose the series 4-1) to the San Antonio Spurs by 17 points. This loss ultimately led to James leaving Miami and returning to Cleveland. LeBron has grown since then and enters Friday’s game 3-1 against Golden State in elimination games. Take the Cleveland Cavaliers at +6.

Golden State looks to be the sixth team since 1980 to win the NBA Finals in a sweep (4-0). Historically more finals end 4-1 than 4-0 (eight versus five), but the NBA is due for a sweep.

Game three saw LeBron James and Kyrie Irving combined for 57 shots and 77 points, but also play 90 minutes. The two MVPs on Golden State – Steph Curry and Kevin Durant – only played 80 minutes and took 37 shots. The single off day hurts the Cavs chances in game four – as both Irving and James will be tired, and Cavaliers have struggled to find consistent scoring outside of James. Take Golden State at -245, to close out the series on Friday night.

After two consecutive overs, the line for game four is at its highest of the Finals – at 228.5. The five games the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors have played this season have averaged a total of 222.8 points. If game three is indicative of anything, it is that they two teams want to get as many possessions and take as many shots as possible. 

This playing style makes the over option very attractive. However, looking at the previous game fours in the series, both times the total decreased from the previous match. Game fours total – using the average amount it declined in 2015 and 2106 – expects to be 227, just a tick under the 228.5 line. Take the under in game four of the NBA Finals. 


With the Cleveland Cavaliers on the ropes and the odds heavily stacked against them, now may be a good time to talk about next year’s NBA season. Once the Finals wrap up – whether it be this Friday or on June 18th – bettors will begin to see NBA futures for the 2017-2018 NBA season.

Popular NBA futures include who will win the NBA championship, which team will represent each conference in the NBA Finals and division winners. While most bettors typically wait for the NBA draft and free agency to play out before making any serious wagers, there is nothing wrong with checking out the odds early on Sports Interaction  

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