What is a Dime in Sports Betting?

The term “dime” as two meanings in the sports betting world, one drastically more important to the handicapping approach. The first generic meaning of “dime” is basically another way to say $1000. The more revelant and important meaning to bettors everywhere though refers to what is known as a “dime line,” and it’s when sportsbooks offer better prices on both the favorite and underdog of a specific game, minimizing the juice a bettor must pay to make their wager.

What is a Dime Line?

Often associated with predominantly moneyline driven sports (baseball, hockey), a dime line reduces the vig in their odds to help attract action from bettors. As beating the market with the vig included is every bettor’s goal when they dive into sports betting seriously, dime lines offer a ‘discounted’ price to help bettors try to achieve that goal. Think of it like always having a coupon with you for the products you are looking for in everyday shopping.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 16 October
FT Tampa Bay Lightning 3 - 2 Detroit Red Wings Odds
Tuesday 17 October
FT Toronto Maple Leafs 2 - 0 Washington Capitals Odds
FT Florida Panthers 1 - 5 Philadelphia Flyers Odds
AOT Pittsburgh Penguins 5 - 4 New York Rangers Odds
PEN Tampa Bay Lightning 4 - 5 New Jersey Devils Odds
FT Vancouver Canucks 3 - 0 Ottawa Senators Odds
FT Colorado Avalanche 1 - 4 Nashville Predators Odds
FT Jackets 5 - 2 Winnipeg Jets Odds
FT Arizona Coyotes 1 - 3 Dallas Stars Odds
FT Carolina Hurricanes 5 - 3 Edmonton Oilers Odds
FT Montreal Canadiens 2 - 5 San Jose Sharks Odds
Wednesday 18 October
Detroit Red Wings 19:30 Toronto Maple Leafs Odds
Chicago Blackhawks 20:00 St. Louis Blues Odds
Montreal Canadiens 22:30 Los Angeles Kings Odds
Thursday 19 October
Vancouver Canucks 19:00 Boston Bruins
New York Islanders 19:00 New York Rangers
Nashville Predators 19:00 Philadelphia Flyers
Tampa Bay Lightning 19:00 Jackets
New Jersey Devils 19:30 Ottawa Senators
Edmonton Oilers 20:30 Chicago Blackhawks
St. Louis Blues 21:00 Colorado Avalanche
Carolina Hurricanes 21:00 Calgary Flames
Dallas Stars 22:00 Arizona Coyotes
Friday 20 October
San Jose Sharks 19:00 New Jersey Devils
Vancouver Canucks 19:00 Buffalo Sabres
Washington Capitals 19:30 Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Penguins 19:30 Florida Panthers
Minnesota Wild 20:00 Winnipeg Jets
Montreal Canadiens 22:00 Anaheim Ducks
Saturday 21 October
Nashville Predators 12:30 New York Rangers
Edmonton Oilers 13:00 Philadelphia Flyers
Buffalo Sabres 19:00 Boston Bruins
Toronto Maple Leafs 19:00 Ottawa Senators
Pittsburgh Penguins 19:00 Tampa Bay Lightning
San Jose Sharks 19:00 New York Islanders
Los Angeles Kings 19:00 Jackets
Florida Panthers 19:30 Washington Capitals
Carolina Hurricanes 20:00 Dallas Stars
Chicago Blackhawks 21:00 Arizona Coyotes
Minnesota Wild 22:00 Calgary Flames
Sunday 22 October
Vancouver Canucks 19:00 Detroit Red Wings

Many bettors believe that reputable sportsbooks that consistently offer dime lines can’t be promoted enough. Some of them will even go the step further and offer a nickel (5 cents) line to bettors. With sports betting being all about finding value in the numbers, dime lines are a critical part of success to your bottom line. Losing wagers lose less, winning wagers win more, and with money management the lifeblood of a sports bettors career, maximizing your wins and minimizing your losses is all one can ask for.

Best Online Dime Betting Websites

You’ve knocked at the right door if you’re looking for sportsbooks that offer dime lines. The importance of knowing where to find these lines is critical as they offer a huge benefit to each and every bettor. By reducing the juice on every bet you make, your ROI% (return on investment) will see fewer large swings and sports betting can start to pay out like any other profitable business. Correctly predicting more winners than losers over the long haul plays a big part in that, but once you’ve found a quality sportsbook that consistently offers dime lines, it’s unlikely you’ll ever leave. 

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