What are Sports Betting Derivatives?

This is just a fancy way to describe additional bets that derive themselves from the full game moneyline, point spread and total. Bettors love to have choice in sports betting and sometimes there is little value left on a full game point spread or total by the time the game is about to start. Derivative bets break down those numbers by quarter or half and allow bettors who prefer to break down the game that way and profit off of their hard work and potentially poor numbers.

Derivative Bets vs Prop Bets

The main difference between derivative bets and prop bets is the fact that derivative bets are still directly related to the full game side and total, whereas prop bets are based on individual plays or scenarios happening within the game.

For example, how many field goals will be made in a NFL game is a prop bet, whereas how many points will be scored in the 1st quarter of that game is a derivative bet.

Other derivative bets include things like first half sides/totals, 1st period sides/totals, and in baseball, 1st 5 innings sides and totals. All are directly related to the final score and outcome of the game. Another way to look at derivative bets is that they are the individual puzzle pieces that make up the puzzle that is the full game side and total.

How they all get put together by the end of the contest is up in the air, whereas how many receiving yards a WR gets in a NFL game – a prop bet – has no impact on the line.

Where Can I Make Derivative Bets?

You can find derivative bets at any of the major online sportsbooks. Derivative betting has become more and more popular in today’s age of advanced analytics and analysis as bettors believe there are more edges to find with derivative bets. While the numbers are always formulated by a certain ratio, correctly predicting the flow of the game will help you with this style of betting.

All of the top ranked sportsbooks listed at sportsbettingreviews.ca offer a wide variety of derivative bets on every game, every night, and if you discover that these are the bets where you find the most success, don’t hesitate to exploit “bad” numbers when they are posted.

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