What is a Double Result in Sports Betting?

A double result wager isn’t something new offered by sportsbooks but it has gained popularity in recent years because of the great odds it possess. Essentially a double result wager is one that is offeren on the result of a game at both halftime and the full game. It’s highest popularity comes on soccer matches, and the number of betting possibilities increases, thus offering more lucrative payouts to bettors.

Double Result Bets

A double result bet is a way of parlaying the same result twice in one game. If you strongly believe a particular team will win wire to wire, the odds offered on a double result wager are much greater then just simply taking Team A to win. But because the game is split into two halves, there are more combination of results in play and that means that there is more risk involved. Comebacks happen all the time in sports, and if you were to take Team A to win the first half, but Team B to win the game, your odds can hit 20/1 or even higher.

playoff - week-9
Match day
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 05 June
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 1 - 4 Nashville Predators Odds
Thursday 08 June
FT Nashville Predators 0 - 6 Pittsburgh Penguins Odds
Sunday 11 June
FT Pittsburgh Penguins 2 - 0 Nashville Predators Odds

Online Double Results Wagering Sites

While double result bets have gained popularity, they are tough to recommend to bettors on a consistent basis. Not only do you have to predict the correct final outcome, but you’ve got to be correct in the order of events taking place. The lofty payouts will always attract action but it’s tough enough to beat the sports betting market consistently on full-game bets, leaving very few times where double result bets should be attacked. If you are looking to incorporate double result wagering into your arsenal of betting tools, make sure you use a highly reputable sportsbook!

Here at sportsbettingreviews.ca we offer a great list of highly recommended sportsbooks offering double result wagers for events, and it’s up to you to shop around and figure out which book suits your needs and fits your style the best. With the odds as high as they are on many double results wagers, especially when you flip the results per half (ie predicting one team to comeback late), double result wagers won’t be going anywhere in the sports betting atmosphere. As bettors prefer more and more betting options to get down on, sportsbooks like the ones on are list are more than happy to oblige and double result wagers are just another part of that.